The History of Orlampa

Timeline: Orlampa, Florida.

-2003: After years of debate, the city governments of Orlando and Tampa, Florida merged to create the super city, Orlampa. Geoffry Chalmers, the Ventrue prince of Orlando and Malachai Jones, the Ventrue prince of Tampa Bay agreed to share Orlampa ending rumors of a civil war.

-2005: For reasons unknown, the Malkavian Prince of Miami, Gilbert Duane, sent assassins to kill Malachai Jones which started a war between the two factions. Prince Geoffry remained neutral.

-2009: After four years of intense combat, Prince Geoffry negotiated peace between Miami and Orlampa. The Malkavian prince agreed to end the war and would no longer seek the final death of Malachai Jones if Jones moved out of central Florida. Prince Geoffry secured the city of Tallahassee for his Ventrue ally; with much suspicion, Malachai Jones moved north and left Chalmers as the sole Prince of Orlampa.

-2012: Vampires all over the city of Orlampa were mysteriously slain. Countless vampires were destroyed including many powerful elders. The carnage lasted for 40 nights. Prince Geoffry was also murdered during this time. Most vampires fled the city or were killed.

-2013: The surviving vampires of Orlampa have begun to reclaim their city. A new prince has been declared and Camarilla law is in effect.

The History of Orlampa

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