Geoffry, the vampire prince of Orlampa, was confused. As a Ventrue, Geoffry was accustomed to being in control and knowing everything that happened within his city. He was not accustomed to being confused. He stumbled as he heard the scrape of feet behind him. He knew he was being followed; he was sure of that now, but where was his personal bodyguards, his ghouls? His mind raced as he tried to understand what was happening. He should be ruling Orlampa with an iron fist right now not running through alleyways looking for shelter. The werewolves had been driven from the city; he owned most of the local politicians, and all of his rivals to the throne had been eliminated. All thanks to his most recent ally. From where was this new threat coming? Then, he understood. He knew before he saw them, before they came out of the shadows and surrounded him. His ashes were discovered in the alley the next evening.

Orlampa Nights